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Gerhard Petzl is a pioneer in creating gallery artworks with chocolate crystals as an “art-form”. He has also published the world's first chocolate crystals art book in 2018. 

Schokoladen Kunst - chocolate crystals

Award-winning Master Chocolatier and artist Gerhard Petzl shares with you many different techniques. He mainly carves his chocolate sculptures out of a solid block in a time-consuming process.

Schokoladen Kunst - Chocolate sculptures by Gerhard Petzl

Gerhard’s Chocolate Body Painting is a globally unique art form that presents chocolate art and craftsmanship combined, as he hand-pipes the ornaments directly on the skin and doesn't do airbrush or paint it with brushes as it is usually done. 

Schokoladen Kunst - Chocolate Body Paintings by Gerhard Petzl

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'Meister Chocolatier des Jahres'

Golden Tier Award - Gewinner - New York, USA